About Homeschool



Homeschooling families are becoming ever more diverse.  Many years ago, homeschooling families were considered outside the norm.  Today, many families choose to school their children at home. The most recent research from The National Center for Education Statistics tells us that a larger percentage of parents said that a concern about the environment of other schools was an important reason for homeschooling their child than in previous studies.  Other reasons listed were dissatisfaction with the academic instruction available, and the desire to provide moral instruction. Are you ready to homeschool?

Is Homeschool

Right For Me?
Homeschooling might be for you if:
  • You want or need a flexible schedule
  • You want to modify the curriculum to meet the needs or interests of your child
  • You want to move at a faster or slower pace than that in a traditional classroom
  • You want to be intimately involved with your child’s education
  • You want to reframe your child’s learning environment or social interactions, and instill family values into your child’s education
  • You want to bring the joy of learning back into your child’s education

What Do I Need

To Homeschool?
  • Time to devote to teaching your child
  • Willingness to partner with a highly effective,  credentialed teacher
  • Ability to follow lesson guides that are provided, or to create lesson plans of your own (with guidance if needed)